1.0 Introduction

Welcome and thank you for using NerisStream. NerisStream allows you to save mp3 streams as mp3 files. If you listen to the internet radio, this program is for you. There are many mp3 radio streams available out there. One of the more known internet radio directories can be found at http://www.shoutcast.com.

2.0 NerisStream Basics

To start recording, first obtain the URL of the radio station. There are three ways you can enter the URL in the NerisStream. The simplest, if you know the URL, just paste it in the "Stream URL" text box. The second way is to grab it directly from the winamp. Let's say you are listening to the broadcast using Winamp. Your favorite tune comes up. Start NerisStream, set the focus to the "Stream URL" text box and press Shift ENTER key combination. NerisStream will directly obtain the URL from the winamp and fill in the "Stream URL" text box. And finally the third way. Most of the times, instead of directly exposing the url of the MP3 stream, radio stations instead provide links to the playlist files (such as pls) that contain the links to MP3 streams. That's what the "Tune In" link in the http://www.shoutcast.com is. Also Digitally Imported (DI), a very popular, mostly trance, radio statio provides on their site. Grab the URL of the playlist link and with the focus on the "Stream URL" text box in the NerisStream press Ctrl ENTER key combination. In the new window that pops up, paste the link URL and click on GO. Soon you should see a list of MP3 streams available. Double click one of them and you are set to go.

3.0 History Feature

NerisStream remembers the radio stations that you streamed. If you close the NerisStream after successful recording and open it the next time, you don't have to re-enter the station URL. Just press ENTER in the "Stream URL" text box. The window dialog that pops ups shows you the list of the radio stations that you recorded before. Double click on one and its URL is entered in the "Stream URL" text box. Now be aware that some of the stations will change the URLs often, thus the ones that you have in the history list might become invalid. Remove them by selecting the URL in the list and pressing DEL key.

4.0 File Splitting

If the file splitting is on (and by default it is), the NerisStream will determine when the new song starts and saves it in its own file. Song splitting is determined from the meta data emitted by the radio station and is usually accurate within a second or less. There are times when you don't want to split files or the radio station doesn't emit meta data to help in determining when the new song starts. You can turn off the splitting by unchecking the "Split Files" check box.

5.0 Extras

You can configure slightly the streaming recording behavior with the NerisStream.config file. Some radio stations like to pass advertising or informative meta data in the middle of the song. However the arrival of different meta data forces the NerisStream to cut the streaming file and start a new file (meta data changes is interpreted as new song being broadcast). You can tell the recorder to ignore certain meta information. If you look at the config file, find the appSettings node and look for the add subnode with key of 'excludeMeta'. Here you can specify fragments of meta data that should be ignored seperated by the semi-colon.

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