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NerisStream is a program that allows to record internet radio streams on to your hard drive. Currently it fully supports Shoutcast streams which can be found at Shoutcast sports huge and easily searchable internet radio station directory.

Some of the features of the NerisStream include:

* Supports various bitrates.
* Multithreaded architecture gives better resource utilitzation (CPU and bandwidth).
* History feature - remembers the stations you ripped before.
* Shoutcast Tune In - can obtain radio station server list from Shoutcast Tune In links.
* Winamp Integration - can get URL to rip directly from winamp.
* Provides various statistical data while ripping.
* Proxy support (SOCKS4 & 5)

The goal of the project now is to expand the existing engine to support different radio stream encodings as well as to support different stream types (video for instance).

NerisStream consists mainly of two parts. UI and Engine, all implemented in C#. I am also starting a User Guide to give users a short intro on features.

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